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How to protect your computer from infection and hackers and why is that neccesary?

  • Worms
    A worm is a piece of software that uses computer networks and security flaws to create copies of itself. A copy of the worm will scan the network for any other machine that has a specific security flaw. It replicates itself to the new machine using the security flaw, and then starts replicating.
  • E-mail-viruses
    An e-mail-virus will use an e-mail message as a mode of transport, and usually will copy itself by automatically mailing itself to hundreds of people in the victim's address book. We call them viruses because they share some traits of types of biological-viruses.A computer-virus will pass from one computer to another like a real life biological-virus passes from person to person. For example, it is estimated by experts that the Mydoom worm infected a quarter-million computers in a single day in January of 2004. In March of 1999, the Melissa-virus spread so rapidly that it forced Microsoft and a number of other very large companies to completely turn off their e-mail systems until the virus could be dealt with. Another example is the ILOVEYOU-virus which occurred in 2000 had a similarly disastrous effect.

In general we are all afraid of the computer virus. Most recently we have seen a lot of email vira/scams, which come in a form of what appears to be a legitimate email from your bank, but in fact is a scam.
It will ask you to verify your account number OR ELSE your account will be closed.

Your bank will NEVER ask you to provide sensitive information via email!
Disregard any email like that, even if it APPEARS to be from your bank. If you are not sure, ask your bank.

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Why are they here and where do they come from?

The Computer-virus - unlike the biological-virus - is created by people. Computer-virus simple can not evolve spontaneously, which means that some people actually manufactured them. Creation and distribution of computer-virus is a crime in most parts of the world.

The world changed dramatically with the evolution of computers and especially when computers became a tool for almost everybody, connecting people and companies all over the world and along with the every day use of computers came new types of crime. We call these new crimes Computer Crime, E-Crime, Hi-Tech Crime or Electronic Crime and they include hacking, fraud, confidence tricks and scams, identity theft and piracy and creating and distributing virus is one of the methods to achieve those goals.

According to an article in BBC News the creator of computer-virus and malware has changed over the years from the stereotypical image of the litterate teenager with the right computer tools and knowledge to a more sofisticated virus writer, who's motivated by financial gain.

Okay, so how do we protect our computers from all this?

A Firewall is almost a "must have". If you're running Windows XP, you have the first Windows OS, that came with a build-in firewall. Make sure that your windows firewall is turned on. You can check that by:

  • Click Start > Settings > Controlpanel (in Classic view scroll down and find the Windows Firewall button - in Catagory view click the Security Center button and then choose Windows Firewall

Make sure The firewall is set to "On" - then click Ok

If you're running an earlier Windows OS, and you want to have a firewall you have two options:

  • A software firewall which is a program you can buy in any computer store and install on your computer. There are several free firewalls available on the Internet. You will find links to some of them on the bottom of this page.

(You forgot which OS, you're running? No problem! Just right-click My Computer from the desktop and choose Properties There you can see which version of Windows, you're running.)

  • Or a hardware Firewall If you're connected to the internet through a Router, you may have a firewall build into that. Go through your Router manual or consult your computer store to find out.

Anti Virus

Another, very important thing to do, (and if you read the describtions on the top of this page, I'm sure you will agree!) is to make sure you have some sort of protection against malware.-and now you will have a pretty good idea why that is important.

There are several manufactures of anti virus software. Which one is best? You can also find various sites with comparisons and reviews of the different brands, or you can write down the names of the ones you find and check out the websites and try and figure it out for yourself.

Compare Anti Virus software

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