How to manage emails using
Outlook Express

To manage emails from YOUR computer, you will need an e-mail program/software, for example Outlook Express, that is already provided to you with your Operating system.

Let's start with getting aquainted with the Outlook Express email program

  • Double click the Outlook Exp. icon from your desktop - if you don't have a desktop icon for it click Start > Programs > and "Outlook Express"

Main program window

The main window of Outlook Exp. will by default show 4 things:

  • On top of the window: your tools
  • On the left hand side you will have your Folders from where you manage all your mail
  • Your Contacts where you can store all your contact e-mail addresses
  • to the right is your main e-mail window, that will show you your incoming mails. let's go to setup the account for using emails ...

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