Setting up your email account

Open up your Outlook Express program

In your main email window click the line Set up a mail account

  • First thing you will be asked to do is to type in the name you want to appear on your outgoing mails. Click next
  • Next thing you will have to do is typing in your e-mail address - and click next

If your don't have an e-mail address yet, you will have to login to your account with your Internet Service provider to create one

  • In the next window first you choose which type of incoming mail server your ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses

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  • Then you type in the "name" of that server for both incoming and outgoing mail
  • To make the connection between YOU and your ISP you will now be asked to type in the Account name/user name and the Password given to you by your ISP.

Click next you have setup your email, ready for you to send and receive mails!

If you have more than one account/email address, you go through the same procedure for all of them, only next time you will have to access the Setup Wizard by clicking:Tools > Accounts > Add from the Outlook Express menu (at the top of the window)

If you want to know a little more about a couple of the most common mail servers Click here

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