Useful Downloads

Software and tools

As stated elsewhere on this site, finding FREE downloads on the Internet can be tricky, and it is easy to spend a fortune on software!

My advice to you and anyone else, who is new to using a computer:
Spend your money on SAFETY software, such as firewalls and anti-virus programs.

However, having a computer and wanting to actually be able to use it for more than just emails or simple text editing, and there really IS a lot of genuine downloads "out there" for you to use, so you can enjoy your computer without having to spend a fortune.

Everything you find on this page has been tested and found useful and genuine.

Microsoft Office Tools

You know that when you want to open a file, you need to have the specific software installed to be able to do that.

If you don't own Microsoft Office but still would like to be able to open and view documents like Word and PowerPoint, it is possible to do so with one or more of these "Viewers".

Communication software - Email

  • Foxmail
    A neat little email program for those, who don't need much more than being able to send and receive emails.
    To download point at the "Foxmail downloads", then hover mouse down to "Foxmail 5 english" and over to "Foxmail 5.0.800 EN (exe)".
    It is also possible to download different language packs for Foxmail.
  • Incredimail
    Incredimail is for those, who like to create funny emails with cool smileys and different backgrounds. The program is very easy to use, fun to "play" with and it has a very good interface.
    The basic program is free, and in addition you can purchase different additional software - for instance their "letter Creator" program, with which you can create your own letter background.

Communication software - Phone

  • Skype
    With Skype you can make computer to computer calls, computer to phone calls or use the chat/message function with other Skype users. Using Skype is a VERY inexpensive way of communicating with friends and family from all over the world - one of the very useful free downloads!