What is defragmentation?

The word "Defragmentation" might seem a bit intimidating, but it's really quite simple.

Adding and deleting files is something we all do quite frequently.
The use of the HD space is not always as good and efficient as it could be.
Just imagine that every time you delete a small file, it leaves a small amount of space of your HD. Then you add a bigger file, and the HD will split this file into fragments.
Every time to open this bigger file, the computer will still read this file as one file, but it will have to look for it in several places on the HD. Of course this procedure will eventually slow your computer down.
In order to minimize the search time for each file, you'll need to do some defragmentation. 
A defragmentation is pretty similar to cleaning and tidying your kitchen cupboards ;-)
You get more space and it's so much easier to find things afterwards.

SO...how do you do that?

  • Click your "Start button"
    If you have many programs on your computer, you may have to also click the "all Programs" tab.
  • Click "accessories"
  • Click "System Tools"
  • Click "Defragmentation"

Do a defragmentation of your C drive. Depending on your HD size and amount of files saved on it, it may take a while to do. You'll get a report ones the procedure is done.

If you want or need a mush more comprehensive description of defragmentation, I can recommend reading about it here

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