Creative emails

Emails don't have to have a boring design!

If you're using Outlook Express, the normal email will "just' be a black font (typically Times or Arial - size 10) on normal white background (letter style).

This style is perfect for a short message email or an official looking email, but for "talking with friends" or sending out birthday emails etc., sometimes we would like it to look a little more unique and interesting - to be able to make more creative emails.

With a few clicks from the tools menu, you can change the design.

I have found that the easiest way of doing that is writng the email and make your design changes afterwards.


  • Write the email
  • Mark the part you want to change (left click, hold down the mouse button and drag over the text)
  • as long as the text is marked you can make all kinds of changes to it

In this example I chose to change the font, size of font, font color, I made the font Italic, center-aligned it all and inserted an image...a few very easy steps to take to create a more interesting email.

white text

white text

You can also choose to change the background of your email

Choosing a color:

Click Format > Background > and choose color or Picture

Choosing a Background Image:

The images best suited for background images is either colorfaded images or tileable images.You can chose to use one of the pre-installed backgrounds, you can find on the list, when you choose Picture from the Format background menu, or you can choose to Browse for an image from your own Pictures folder.

As soon as you have become familiar with using your email program, and if you are just a little bit like me, who wants to be even more creative, when you send messages to people, you are ready to move on to an even more fachinating email program with a lot more functions for creative people.

There are a lot of programs for managing emails, but there is one in particular I would like to introduce to you here: Incredimail.....and why?

  • It is VERY easy to work with - even for a beginner
  • Setting up your email account within the progam is made VERY easy
  • You can set up your own interface
  • Choose between a number of "notifiers"
  • Download more incredible looking letter styles with just a single click

....and the best part:
It's absolutely FREE!

This free downloadable program has all the features you need to create fantastic, funny, beautiful and very personalized and creative emails.

65 Million people are using IncrediMail. Join Them Now.

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