What IS Copyright and why is it such a bad thing to get into a "Copyright infringement"?

In general ALL material, photos, text etc. on the internet is copyright protected material. This means that you are NOT allowed to download and use the material in anything that is distributed on the Internet (Social Medias, e-books, websites etc.) or in any public offline activity.

A "copyright Infringement" can end up costing you thousands of dollars! - so be careful...

The only way you will be able to legally use anything from the Internet, is if you track down the owner of the material and get the owner's persmission (In writing!) - OR you purchase a license that will grant you the right to use it.

So I'm not allowed to download anything from the internet???

IF you need a photo:

• for a private birthday invitation
• to play with for practise with your photo editing software
• for a copied song text for the anniversary
• to print out for your daughter to color

SURE, you can.

The main word here is PRIVATE - things you do NOT intend to distribute publicly in any way.

Royalty Free?

Royalty is a payment agreement on certain material - usually paid to the owner every time the material is used.

Royalty Free does NOT mean that it's free for you to use. It means that the material either doesn't have a royalty agreement, the royalty has expired OR the royalty has been paid by the company, who sells the material. You can then purchase a License to use, which means that you don't have to pay the Royalty (the fee that needs to be paid every time the material is used.)


There is a photo you want to purchase the right to use from a Stock photo Company for your Block Site/ Personal Website. You pay a small one-time sum for the license, and you thereby have the right to use that photo.

Examples of Stock Photo Companies:


It is VERY important to read the "Term of Use" provided by each of the different Stock photo companies. The terms may vary.

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