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I know - being organized can be boring, but after you have created countless amounts of files, stored all over your computer and you have 754 "New Folder"s, you'll see the point in being organized!

Just like with everything else in your house, it is nice to know where to find things.

Your windows operating system even makes things easy for you by giving you several pre-made folders like "My Documents" and inside that folder, you will find "My Music", "My Pictures" etc. Of course you can make your own folders for pictures and music files,too,if you want.

Double-click your "My Documents"
Icon on your desktop

- and you will see all the folders already provided for you.

When you want to save a document or a file you have created, you have several choices to where you want to save it.

Double-click your "My Computer" icon on the desktop

and a window like this will appear

The window will be showing you YOUR drives. The picture above is just an example.

Some computers will have a D: drive under the section of hard disk drives (sometimes called a Data drive) - like in my example above. If you have one, I suggest to you to use that drive for storage. If you DON'T have a D: drive use the "My Documents" folder.
If you have a D: drive, you can store you files in folders you create.

Your "My Documents" folder is a system folder. You can store files, create new sub folders inside it, and even back-up (make a copy) of that whole folder to another location, just don't move that folder to any other location on your computer! If you remove it or move it somewhere else, you'll might mess up your system!

so how do you save a file, so you can find it again?

Try this:

  • Open your Wordpad program Click Programs > Accessories > Wordpad
  • write your name - or anything you like
  • click "Files" on top of the window
  • choose "Save as" - a new window appears
  • on the top of that window you will see a "save in" field. Choose Desktop as your destination from the drop-down menu (if it's not already shown)
  • in the bottom of the window *.txt will be highlighted. Write your first name on top of what's here
  • Click "Save"

Your file will appear on your desktop. If you double-click that file, it will open.

Okay....try it again from the top of the list above - only this time, when you click Files > Save as..choose your "My Documents" folder from the Drop-down menu and click Save.

Remember to delete those files again - having random, useless files lying around on your desktop or in your "MY Documents" folder is NOT being organized.

It's no big deal having a few "loose" files on your desktop or in your private folder, but after a while finding a specific file will be difficult, so do yourself the favor of being organized about your saved files from the beginning. You will thank yourself later on for that!

Computer help
How to create your own folder for storing files

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To create a folder, you first have to think of where you want to store it.

Assuming you want to create your own folder inside your "My Documents" folder

  • double-click the "My Documents" Icon on your desktop.
  • Inside your My Documents folder click Files on the left hand side of the top of the window
  • Choose "new" and hoover your mouse over to Folder and Left-click on your mouse.
  • The New Folder will be added to the list of folders and files and the name of the folder will be highlighted
  • name your new folder (you can name it what you want - i.e Birthday pictures) by typing over the higlighted area
  • Click OK

- and your new folder will be added, and will be ready for storing your files. You can create as many different named folders, as you like.

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