Time for a little Computer FUN?

Seriously working on the computer and learning all the fascinating things a computer can do is fun, but every now and again we need to have a break from the serious work and enjoy ourselves with something JUST FOR FUN!

DO remember to take a real break first, take a walk, do a little gardening or play with the dog to get your muscles going again after sitting by the computer for a long time.

THEN you can go back to the computer and try something JUST FOR FUN.

Grab a cup of coffee and relax for a while with a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Hungry little Fellow - 104 pieces Goat (and a proud one, too!) - 104 pieces Beautiful! - 104 pieces HUGE tortoise - 104 pieces Parrot - 104 pieces Branch - 104 pieces Cactus - 117 pieces Spring Flowers - 117 pieces Building a home - 117 pieces

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KWH-Design/Basic-computerskills.com, but you are welcome to download them for private use.

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