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My name is Kate Wagner. - and I am a Graphic Designer. I was born in Denmark - the tiny little Scandinavian country right on top of Germany. I believe Denmark is best known by the whole world for the poet Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid, our Royal history, a handful of great furniture designers and our very old cultural history.  

I finished my first education back in the early 80's as a Graphic Designer. That was before computers were introduced to us as a commonly used tool. As soon as they did, I jumped on "the wagon" and started learning some basic computer skills.

Of course a computer is a blessing to people, who likes to get information in a "snap", organize their everyday paperwork and communicate with people from all over the world, - just to name a few of the benefits. Most of my family immigrated to the US several years ago, and the computer made it possible for me to communicate with my family in an easy and very fast way.

I loved my job as a Graphic Designer, but after years of creating advertisements for companies, I needed a change. I tried working with elderly people. In Denmark we have a whole "army" of people employed by the counties to visit elderly people in their own homes, make sure they have what they need, help out with cleaning, shopping, medication and so on. It's a very fulfilling job, but very soon I found myself "working" 24 hours a day.

When I wasn't around my "clients" I worried about them, so I decided to move on to something - still with people - but a job, where I could more easily keep a bigger distance between me and the "clients". I moved on to becoming a Teacher for Adults. My favorite subject was teaching basic computer skills to people of all ages; in many ways a great opportunity to combine being a Graphic Designer and a Teacher.  

This site is dedicated to everyone, who needs to know the basics of using a computer. I hope you will find it useful.

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