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Why is my computer getting slower and slower?

Over time a huge number of files you don't need will build up on your HD - and more importantly in your key registry. Your computer will have a hard time sorting through obsolete keys to find the right one to use for your command. These obsolete entries will slow your computer down.
Taking these files out manually, even if you manage to find the key registration file is NOT recommended. Leave that to the professionals! - or do yourself a favor and purchase an inexpensive piece of sofware that will do the job FOR you.

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Get the most out of using Outlook!

You spend a lot of time doing emails. You're using Outlook as your email program.
Outlook is a wonderful program, but it can be rather time consuming to find all the features or make simple changes to the program.
I have found a very good e-Book with a huge amount of easy-to-follow Tips to make your Outlook function to YOUR needs.Follow the link below. I'm sure you will agree with me!

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You want to build your own gaming computer?

It might seem a little intimidating but I have found the very best instructions that will take you by the hand and walk you through every single detail of building your own gaming computer - and better yet! You can build the gaming computer for as little as 1000$.

Curious to se how?

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A Site for Seniors

This is a wonderful site written by seniors FOR seniors, who enjoy using their computers. The site will show you how to maintain the computer, use the basic functions and also how to have fun!

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A Site about SpyWare and how to handle that

Get information on spyware software, anti pywaresoftware, online spyware detection & removal techniques, mac spyware removal tools & tips, free spyware blockers, anti spyware reviews, best anti spyware software etc., Information on getting rid of rogue anti spyware software and spyware dll files.

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Anti Virus and using FireWalls

Here is another great site!
A Firewall and Security guide for the everyday, non-technical Home Computer and Internet user who just wants to be safe doing basic stuff like learning how to choose a firewall.

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All About Computer Hardware

Information on all the computer hardware components. Explaining what they do and how to install them in an easy-to-understand way.

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Internet Safety Solutions

This is the one stop towardskeeping you and your family safe from internetthreats. It not only helps parents to provide asafety net for their children while surfing theinternet, but also helps families to secure theirinternet and do online shopping and banking withpeace in mind.

Find it HERE!

DIY Computer Repair

If you need help with how to upgrade, troubleshoot, repair or if you even want to figure out what it takes to build your own computer, check THIS site out...

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